Bloki-i6 Landscape Charging Dock For the iPhone 6, Satin Black Finish
Bloki-i6 close-upBloki-i5 no background copyLandscape Charging Dock for the iPhone

Bloki-i6 Landscape Charging Dock For the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7, Satin Black Finish


Bloki is a stand that transforms your Smart phone into an alarm clock for your nightstand. It also allows you to turn your smartphone into a portable TV that can be placed on any horizontal flat surface.

  • Works with iPhone 6 and iPhone 7
  • Docks your iPhone on your nightstand or on a table while charging
  • Works with Apple lightening cord (other cords may not work)
  • Works with most cases except very thick ones with flaps such as Otterbox
  • Shown with “Alarm Clock HD” App available on iTunes

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